Alison Fletcher Traditional Acupuncture in Woodbridge, Suffolk

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Has Acupuncture?
Clients range from those with specific problems or pains to those who generally feel unwell or run-down but have no obvious diagnosis. Others have regular Acupuncture treatment to maintain their health. It is considered suitable for all ages and I treat patients from age 12 onwards.

What does it feel like?
We may feel a slight tingling sensation or a dull ache when the needle is inserted.

How Many Sessions will I need?
This depends on our individual condition so it is a difficult question to answer. Some people may notice change after the first treatment whilst others with longer term conditions may need 4 or 5 treatments before a noticeable change. Musculo-skeletal conditions often show an
immediate improvement within the first session using the Balance Method where needling the unaffected area facilitates constant
testing of the problem are to assess change - the results are amazing.

What is the price?
48 pounds for 55 minutes Acupuncture or Massage. The initial appointment is not longer so remains 48 pounds for 55 minutes.

What is Acupressure Massage?
I apply pressure to the meridians using my fingers, thumbs, forearm and occasionally elbows to stimulate the acupoints in a similar way to the needles. Incorporated into my individual massage techniques are Tui Na, stretching, lengthening and simply holding. Wonderfully relaxing, it is a favourite with my clients and frequently requested.

Will my health insurance pay for acupuncture?
I'm a member of the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) which is recognised by many private health insurance companies. Either check with your insurance company or the British Acupuncture Council has a list of insurance firms covering BAcC members on their website.

I am always happy to answer questions either on the phone or by email so please feel free to contact me without obligation if you have any queries either before and during a course of treatment - tel: 07767 291738 or

"Acupuncture makes me feel lighter physically and mentally and energised. It's an amazing help for stress, GERD and general wellbeing. Could not ask for a better practitioner than Alison - calm, professional and kind" April 2019 client testimonial

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